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Looking ahead with a clean slate...

We're gonna see where this goes. Not making huge promises, but expect a few updates here and there throughout the year on this blog and on this site. This bike and art hobby is and always will be a side project of mine... you know, never enough to be a full-time gig, but just enough for me to build upon some things outside of work and family without sapping the fun out of them --- things like riding bikes, drawing bikes, and building bikes.

I've been running this project for enough years now to know when I approach that tipping point where fun bumps into burnout on its way out the door. Barring any unforeseen changes in how the last few years have gone, I plan to keep things moving along at a steady pace... my pace.

There won't be daily entries on this blog, there won't be daily additions to the shop, and there most certainly won't be daily bike builds or bicycle illustrations, but there will be some of all of the above. Things will get uploaded when they're ready to get uploaded.

A big thanks to all who have supported this passion project of mine over the last few years -- without it, this would have fizzled out a long time ago. Looking forward to this next chapter ahead!



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